Apr 25, 2008

Modern Kitchens

Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens can range from anything under the sun that the person considers to encompass all that is new in this world, to something which looks like it should ideally belong in a space shuttle. What you choose to put in your kitchen depends entirely on your discretion and your tastes.

Whether you prefer the gleaming silver and white of the ultra modern kitchens, or the monochromatic black and white of the sophisticated modern kitchens, or even if you prefer something like the cross-over modern kitchens where old meets new, what you’ll ultimately get is a modern kitchen to your own standards.

There's much to be said for modern kitchens and much to be avoided if your first love of interior design is more along the lines of wood and brass, with old-fashioned fittings and applicable furnishings. Then again we can't live in the past forever and a little bit of the modern mixed in with the old is good and can yield surprising results.

To that end modern kitchens can be very nice if only you give them a try. There are quite a few aspects of the modern kitchens design which is handy and something that looks like it will last the time and effort of the modern interior design revolution. Modern kitchens are just a part of the whole thing and something to be embraced.

It shouldn't necessarily have to be off with old and on with the new. Maybe we can extend the hand to modern kitchens at the same time as we keep it extended to the old style kitchens as well. So what can we do to get that great looking modern kitchen without breaking the bank balance? The first thing that you will need to see is what you want to keep and want you just want to throw out of the window.

Once you have decided on that the very first thing that you should do is to give your kitchen a slick new coating of paint. This can help turn your kitchen straight off into the new modern look. The next step is that of your stove top cooker. Are you happy with the old fashioned look or do you really want a state of the art cooker oven. You will need to see that various prices for the many new cooker stoves.

You will need to see about the fridge. If it is working fine then you will just need to find some paint that you can apply without damaging the coat on the fridge. This will give your fridge the look that is found in modern kitchens. Now beyond that you should look to see the various items that you can buy that will give your kitchen the great modern look that you want.

These items can be new plates set, stylish bowls and a butcher’s block with gleaming knives set next your new microwave convection cooker. These are just a few things that you’ll find in modern kitchens.

Apr 8, 2008

Decorating Ideas

10 Home Decorating Ideas To Quickly Update Any Room

Not all home decorating ideas require a heavy investment of time and money. If you're looking for a few affordable home interior decorating ideas to freshen up a room over a weekend, try these ten:

1. Rearrange The Furniture - Pull your furniture away from the walls. Try positioning it at intriguing angles. For example, a sofa arranged diagonally across a narrow living room will make the room look wider.

2. Paint A Wall - Paint one wall your favorite color and make it the focal point. Hang interesting art on that wall and move a nice piece of furniture there. (Note: Make sure that the color is one that is shared with several other objects and fabrics in the room.) Editors Note: Not all renters will be allowed to paint, visit Decorating by Room for more wall decorating ideas.

3. Bring In Plants - Greenery always adds a breath of fresh air to a room. If you don't have a green thumb, try silk plants and trees. The quality has gotten so good that its hard to distinguish them from the real thing.

4. Lay An Area Rug- An area rug is a wonderful way of defining a conversation area. Try one that complements the room. Lay it at an angle beneath your coffee table.

5. Hang Pictures or Mirror - Hang pictures that reflect your personality. Try frames that are more ornate. When hanging a mirror, try and position it so that it reflects and nice view or an interesting architectural element.

6. Group Figurines - Pull out your favorite collectibles. Show off your personality. Find a display area and group related objects together, in sets of three or five. Try and vary the shapes.

7. Add Decorative Pillows - The good news about decorative pillows is that they are an easy way to add textures and patterns to a room. Still better, they can be changed to jazz up a sofa or chair before your room is ready for a major makeover.

8. Replace Lamps - Lamps are probably the one thing in your home that will give others a clue that your room is outdated. Seek out new and fresh lamps that make a statement.

9. Add A Throw Or Afghan - Similar to decorative pillows, throws and afghans add texture to your furniture. They come in all kinds of natural and man made fabrics. Find a pattern and style that you like.

10. Eliminate Clutter - Clutter has a way of eliminating the desired mood and effect of any room. Find storage spaces for papers, toys, and other items that take from the personality of a room.

Apr 3, 2008

Antero armchair

Design: Lasse Kinnunen (Deka Furniture)

The Antero has a stainless steel swivel base with acrylic detail, and stainless steel back rest supports. It is manufactured standard in white leather but can be upholstered in a large variety of fabrics and leathers.

Caroma Smartflush Toilet Suite Range

Designer: Caroma Industries Ltd

The Caroma Smartflush 4A toilet suite range comprises of 5 individual toilet suite models all featuring new flushing technology designed to maximise efficiency and minimise water consumption.

Methven Futura Railshower

The Methven Futura Railshower is a Triple A rated water saving shower and the first to incorporate patented SatinJet technology. Not merely a new shower, The Futura Railshower is a completely new shower experience.

Plastic Drinkware, Plates & Bowls

Plastics Drinkware, Plates & Bowls - 2 Ranges: Polycarbonate top & base / Non-Slip base, ploycarbonate top. Principal function: Indoor, outdoor, poolside, boating, camping.

Energizer FL450 Fluorescent Lantern

This Fluorescent Lantern is a versatile battery powered, portable lighting device. It features a pivoting lamp housing enabling directional lighting and 360 degree area lighting


AutoCAD Shortcut Keys


Using Co-ordinates


A good understanding of how co-ordinates work in AutoCAD is absolutely crucial if you are to make the best use of the program. If you are not familiar with co-ordinates and co-ordinate systems, take some time to familiarise yourself with the basic concepts.

Co-ordinates fall into two types, namely Cartesian and Polar. A basic understanding of these co-ordinate types will help you to use AutoCAD to construct drawings more easily. In addition, these two co-ordinate types come in two distinct flavours. They can be either Absolute or Relative. Knowing just when and where to use the various types and flavours of co-ordinate is the key to efficient drawing with AutoCAD.



This tutorial is designed to show you how all of the AutoCAD Draw commands work. If you just need information quickly, use the QuickFind toolbar below to go straight to the command you want or select a topic from the contents list above. Not all of the Draw commands that appear on the Draw toolbar are covered in this tutorial. Blocks, Hatch and Text for example are all tutorial topics in their own right



AutoCAD drawings are rarely completed simply by drawing lines, circles etc. Most likely you will need to Modify these basic drawing objects in some way in order to create the image you need. AutoCAD provides a whole range of modify tools such as Move, Copy, Rotate and Mirror. As you can see, the command names are easily understandable. However, the way these commands work is not always obvious. This tutorial is designed to show you how all of the Modify commands work. If you just need information quickly, use the QuickFind toolbar below to go straight to the information you need or select a topic from the contents list above.

As is usual with AutoCAD, the Modify tools can be accessed in one of three ways, from the keyboard, from the pull-down menu and from the toolbar. All of the Modify tools are available from the Modify pull-down and the Modify toolbar. In each section below, the toolbar, pull-down and keyboard options are given. The method you choose is entirely up to you. Ultimately you will use the method that you feel most comfortable with or the one you find most efficient. AutoCAD allows great flexibility and there aren't any right or wrong ways of working. That said, it should be pointed out that the use of toolbars in AutoCAD is almost always quicker than any other method.

The Modify toolbar is usually displayed by default but if it is not already displayed, you can display it using the TOOLBAR command, ViewToolbars… from the pull-down menu. When the Toolbar dialogue box (shown above) appears, simply check the box next to "Modify" in the toolbars list. Many AutoCAD users work with the Modify toolbar permanently docked on their screen because it gives one-click access to all of the commands, making the drawing process much more efficient.

1. The Erase Command
2. The Copy Command
3. The Mirror Command
4. The Offset Command
5. The Array Command
6. The Move Command
7. The Rotate Command
8. The Scale Command
9. The Stretch Command
10. Stretching with Grips
11. The Lengthen Command
12. The Trim Command
13. The Extend Command
14. The Break Command
15. The Chamfer Command
16. The Fillet Command
17. Tips & Tricks Tips


Drawing Aids


Drawing with AutoCAD is really just like drawing on a drawing board. Most newcommers to Computer Aided Design assume that they will need to learn how to draw all over again. In fact, many of the drawing aids that AutoCAD provides are analagous to traditional drafting tools. Just as you have a parallel motion and set squares to help you draw horizontal and vertical lines on a drawing board, AutoCAD has similar drawing aids which can help you to draw horizontal and vertical lines on a computer. This means that in many respects, the drawing techniques are very similar. If you ever get stuck, think how you would complete a task on a drawing board and then look for a similar way to do it with AutoCAD.

1.Ortho Mode
2.The Drawing Grid
3.Setting Grid Limits
4.Snap Mode
5.Drafting Settings
6.Polar Tracking
7.The Function Keys
8.Tips & TricksHot Tips

AutoCAD Training

AutoCAD Training

AutoCad 2005 For Architects

AutoCAD Training - 2007

AutoCAD Training - 2007

AutoCAD Training - 2007

AutoCad 2005 For Architects

AutoCad 2005 For Architects

Interior Design Software Downloads

SmartDraw is the easy interior design software that helps you create perfect design plans in minutes. SmartDraw includes thousands of ready-made textures and graphics that you simply stamp to create your drawing. It's fast and easy!

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