Dec 31, 2007

The X,Y co-ordinate system

Everything that you draw in AutoCAD is exact. It will be more accurate than you will ever need it to be. All objects drawn on the screen are placed there based on a simple X,Y co-ordinate system. In AutoCAD this is known as the World Co-ordinate System (WCS). You must understand this to know how to put things where you want them. (3-D work has an added axis, the Z-axis, but this is not covered in this lesson.) Below is a diagram showing you how this system works (place your mouse on the diagram for more info).

Everything that you draw in AutoCAD is exact. It will be more accurate than you will ever need it to be. All objects drawn on the screen are placed there based on a simple X,Y co-ordinate system. In AutoCAD this is known as the World Co-ordinate System (WCS). You must understand this to know how to put things where you want them. (3-D work has an added axis, the Z-axis, but this is not covered in this lesson.) Below is a diagram showing you how this system works (place your mouse on the diagram for more info).

In order to work effectively with AutoCAD, you have to work with this system. Until you are comfortable and familiar with it, learning AutoCAD will be more of a chore. My experience in teaching is that the better a student is with co-ordinates, the better CAD draftsperson they will become..

Here is how it works:
AutoCAD uses points to determine where an object is located. There is an origin where it begins counting from. This point is (0,0). Every object is located in relation to the origin. If you were to draw a line straight out to the right from the origin, this would be considered the positive X-axis. If you were to draw a line straight up, this would be the positive Y-axis. The picture above shows a point located at (9,6). This means that the point is 9 units over in the X-axis and 6 units up in the Y-axis. When you are working with points, X always comes first. The other point shown is (-10,-4). This means that the point is 10 units in the negative X-axis (left) and 4 units in the negative Y-axis (down).

A line has two points, a start point and an end point. AutoCAD works with the points to display the line on the screen. Move your cursor over the picture above and you will see line drawn from the absolute points of (-10,-4) to (9,6).

Most of the time you will not have an indication of where the origin is. You may need to draw a line from the endpoint of an existing line. To do this you use relative points. These work the same way, but you have to add the @ symbol (shift+2) to tell AutoCAD that this next point is relative from the last point entered.

To review: ABSOLUTE POINTS are exact points on the drawing drawing space. RELATIVE POINTS are relative to an OBJECT on the drawing space.

Its a simple system, but mastering it is the key to working with AutoCAD and is explained in more detail further below.


Angular Measurement

AutoCAD measures angles in a particular way also. Look at the diagram below and then place your mouse on it to see how this is done.

When drawing lines at an angle, you have to begin measuring the angle from 0 degrees, which is at the 3 o'clock position. If you drew a line at 90 degrees, it would go straight up. The example above (when you move your mouse over it) shows a line drawn at +300 degrees (270+30), or -60 degrees.

You might not always have an obvious reference point for 0 degrees. Look at the example below and place your mouse on the image to find out angle in question.

In this example, you are given information about the lines, but not the angle AutoCAD needs to draw the line from the start point. What you are given though, is (a) the knowledge that 0° is at the 3 o'clock position (b) the knowledge that 180° is at the 9 o'clock position and (c) the angle between 180° and the line you want to draw is 150°. With this information, you can figure out what angle you need. Here is a fool-proof way of getting the angle you need:

1.) Start at the 0° position and measure counter-clockwise (+) to 180°.

2.) From 180°, measure clockwise 150°.

3.) Consider that you just went +180-150 and use that as an equation: +180-150=30

4.) Now you can draw your line using polar co-ordinates (discussed below)


Entering Points in AutoCAD

You can enter points directly on the command line using three different systems. The one you use will depend on which is more applicable for the situation. The first assignment will get you used to this. The three systems are as follows:More Info

ABSOLUTE CO-ORDINATES - Using this method, you enter the points as they relate to the origin of the WCS. To enter a point just enter in the exact point as X,Y.

RELATIVE CO-ORDINATES - This allows you to enter points in relation to the first point you have entered. After you've entered one point, the next would be entered as @X,Y. This means that AutoCAD will draw a line from the first point to another point X units over and Y units up relative to the previous point.

POLAR CO-ORDINATES - You would use this system if you know that you want to draw a line a certain distance at a particular angle. You would enter this as @D<90>


Icons, Keystrokes and Menus

There are many ways to do things in most Windows programs. AutoCAD is no exception. Everyone will develop a way that works best for him or her. In this course, we will primarily be working with the keystroke commands. The reason for this is because they will work in most AutoCAD versions (including DOS versions), and in some other CAD programs. The icons work well, but as you will see, icons can be placed anywhere on the screen and can be difficult to find quickly. You may be working on another employee's computer that is set up differently than than what you're used to. The pull-down menus will access almost all commands, but are a slower way of doing things.

Example: If you want to draw a line, you can do it a few ways:

* At the command line type: LINE (or) L and press the ENTER key.

* Select the line icon Line Icon from the DRAW toolbar.

* Select Draw > Line from the pull-down menu

All three approaches will do the same thing: prepare AutoCAD to draw a line where you tell it.

AutoCAD is a popular program because it can be customized to suit an individual's needs. The toolbars are a good example of this. You can have the toolbars you use most often on the screen all the time. You can easily make them go away so that you have more drawing space. You can also customize them so you have the most common commands on one toolbar. For example, the dimensioning toolbar is one that you will not want taking up space on your screen while drawing, but is very handy when you're dimensioning your drawing.


The AutoCAD Screen

Move your cursor around the image above to find the names of various areas of the screen.

*Title Bar
This will show you what program you are running and what the current filename is.

*Pull-down menus
These are the standard pull-down menus through which you can access almost all commands.

*Main toolbar
This has most of the standard Windows icons, as well as the most common AutoCAD commands.

*Property toolbar
This toolbar gives a way to quickly modify an object's properties, such as layer and linetype.

* Floating toolbar
This is a toolbar that can be moved around the screen, or 'docked' as the main toolbar is.

*Drawing space
This is where you draw. You have an almost infinite area to draw and this is just a 'section' of the entire space.

These work like in other windows programs. You can also use the PAN command to move around your drawing.

*WCS Icon
This is here to show you which direction positive X and positive Y go. The W means you're in the World Co-ordinate System. (It can be changed to a User Co-ordinate System.)

*Status Bar Tray Icons
These icons give you updates on items like reference files program updates and print status.

*Command line
When you type a command, you will see it here. AutoCAD uses this space to 'prompt' you for information. It will give you a lot of information and tell you where you are in the command. Watch this line while learning.

* Status bar
This allows to see and change different modes of drawing such as Ortho, Osnaps, Grid, Otrack, etc.

*Tool Palette
Collection of tools in one area that can be organized into common catagories.

Dec 29, 2007

AutoCAD Shortcut Keys

CTRL+A - Selects ALL objects in drawing
CTRL+B - Toggles Snap
CTRL+C - Copies objects to Clipboard
CTRL+D - Toggles coordinate display
CTRL+E - Cycles through isometric planes
CTRL+F - Toggles running object snaps
CTRL+G - Toggles Grid
CTRL+H - Toggles PICKSTYLE on/off
CTRL+J - Executes last command
CTRL+L - Toggles Ortho mode
CTRL+N - Creates a new drawing
CTRL+O - Opens existing drawing
CTRL+P - Prints current drawing
CTRL+R - Cycles layout viewports
CTRL+S - Saves current drawing
CTRL+T - Toggles Tablet mode
CTRL+V - Pastes data from Clipboard
CTRL+X - Cuts objects to Clipboard
CTRL+Y - Repeats last action
CTRL+Z - Reverses last action
CTRL+[ - Cancels current command - forget this - use escape key
CTRL+\ - Cancels current command - forget this - use escape key
F1 - Displays Help
F2 - Toggles text window on/off
F3 - Toggles OSNAP
F4 - Toggles TABMODE
F5 - Toggles ISOPLANE
F6 - Toggles COORDS
F7 - Toggles GRIDMODE
F8 - Toggles ORTHOMODE
F9 - Toggles SNAPMODE
CTRL+0 - Clean Screen
CTRL+1 - Properties
CTRL+2 - Design Center
CTRL+3 - Tool Palettes Window
CTRL+4 - Sheet Set Manager
CTRL+5 - Info Palette
CTRL+6 - dbConnect
CTRL+7 - Markup Set Manager
CTRL+8 - QuickCalc
CTRL+9 - Command Line
Acad2004/2005/2006 default Combo Short-cuts

Dec 26, 2007

Shah Rukh Khan's residence

Lamp Shades

How To Choose The Right Lamp Shades That Will Compliment Your Decor Perfectly

The right lighting can change a room from bright and cheery to warm and subtle simply by a turn of the knob or switch of a button. So choosing the right lamps and lighting fixtures is something you will want to spend some time and money doing. If you are remodeling your home there are some key accessorizing details you should consider such as window treatments whether they are blinds, shades or shutters, decorative pillows which can add some color and design to the space as well as floor lamps, table lamps and their lamp shades. The lighting in the room can change the mood and atmosphere in mere seconds but you need the right lampshades to create this effect. Most interior designers will recommend a lamp shade that is not white or off white. With the right lamp shades, you can create a visually stimulating effect with the space. So if you want to make an impact with your room’s decor, picking out the right lamps and shades would be a great place to start.

If you are trying to add warmth and color to a room, colored and patterned lamp shades are perfect. Many people tend to gravitate towards white or cream colored shades where a colored lamp shade is more appropriate. The warmth is created by the way the shade can disburse the light. But not only is color an important aspect of the perfect lampshades, the shape of the shades is also critical. Having a lamp shade that is either too big or too small for the light fixture can look odd and out of place. It is important that you match shape of the shade with the shape of the floor lamp or table lamp. Don’t try and use the same shape on all your lighting fixtures. Pick each one out individually and don’t panic if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for.

There are some interior decorating rules when selecting the right size of lamp shades for your lighting fixtures. Here are some tips when shopping for your lampshades. First, the shade must be no smaller than one-third of the height of the light fixture. Most people tend to buy a lamp shades that are too large for the base thinking bigger is better. Just keep tip number one in mind when you are shopping. Second, the lamp shade must cover the fixture’s hardware and should come just up to the top of the lamp base. The best part about buying new lamps is that you can coordinate them throughout your home or you can choose different lamps to create a different look and feel in every room. The selection of floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, antique lamps, Tiffany style lamps is simply amazing. Remember to have fun when picking out the perfect fixtures for your home because home decorating should be fun and adventuresome.

Floor Lamps

How to Creatively Decorate Using Floor Lamps

When it comes to setting the mood or atmosphere in a room, not only does proper illumination add to the allure of your personal space, but also the sources of light. While table lamps and ceiling lights serve a functional purpose, floor lamps are expansive in the many different ways one may decorate their space and showcase their creativity. Whether you choose an antique selection to brighten your den or side with a traditional Victorian fringe design for the bedroom, the never-ending possibilities of a floor lamp shine through in the mind-boggling variety in choices.

Antique Lamps

There is a certain elegance and intrigue associated with displaying an antique floor lamp. In home design, the mystery and unknown past of such an item is enough to spark the imagination, as well as provide a delightful conversation topic when family and friends visit. Today, there are manufacturers that strive to recreate this very look by emulating flowery, ornamental approaches towards antique furniture, which allows homeowners to match their lighting sources with other elements of their decor.
A few common features of antique lamps include the stained-glass lampshade, brass finishes, and intricate designs. When one is interested in truly decorating their home with antique floor lamps, genuine specimens may cost quite a bit, such as French antique lamps carrying a price tag of more than thousands of dollars. Usually, an antique or antique-styled floor lamp is selected because of its look and fit within a setting, rather than bringing light into the room.

One of a Kind Pieces

Floor lamps are also known to serve as a work of art, as some artists fashion one-of-a-kind pieces that sometimes depict odd, creative, or unusual displays. Some of the unique possibilities of artsy floor lamps include planetary designs, sculpted wooden figures, wild animals, and abstract images. Artistic floor lamps may also use unusual objects to construct the base of the lamp, such as animal antlers, petrified wood, branches, or heat-treated metal. They may rise in the air like an ivory torch or bring the look and feel of fantasy with fairies decorating their base.
Some floor lamps are fashioned with a specific art movement in mind, such as colorful Art Deco pieces. Artists may also hand craft their samples and hand paint customized detailing on the outside of the shade to add characteristic touches for home and/or office use.

Regional Flair

Floor lamps are sometimes used to represent or pay homage to regional pride, as seen in Southwestern selections showcasing characteristic elements added to a lamp, such as images of cacti and rattlesnakes. A New York City-themed floor lamp may showcase a silhouette of the Empire State Building. Cozy wilderness scenes of Colorado and other rustic locations may utilize the image of wild critters, such as the grizzly bear or bald eagle.

Create a Mood

Floor lamps allow individuals to create a mood within their home or office that becomes the focus of the space when one enters the room. A gateway to the past may come alive with a Victorian-style street lamp displaying the soft, burnt orange glow of a custom crafted glass lampshade. Perhaps, the theme of your living room is Oriental – a solid hardwood floor lamp with a Chinese raw lacquer finish with mother of pearl and metal chrome accents will fit into the décor. Color also helps create a mood, such as the vibrant shades of red in Asian-style floor lamps.

Mix and Match Color Bulbs to Match Lampshades

The unique part of purchasing a floor lamp is that you may change lampshades to the base of your favorite lamp, just as you can match different colored light bulbs to create varying effects within a room. Depending on the time of day and other outside factors, various lampshade colors transform light into an array of shades, but red, blue, green, and even yellow lights can establish the atmosphere into a controlled setting, such as a romantic environment to a room set aside for contemplation, withdrawal, or reflection.

Dec 20, 2007

Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are perhaps, the most popular kind of lamps. These are widely used all over the world in homes, offices and anywhere else where a lot of desk work is to be done, such as libraries. The kind of desk lamps differs as per the purpose and place for which they are intended. For example, generally, student lamps are small and compact in nature, whereas lamps meant for executive usage are larger and made of materials such as brass and copper. There is a wide variety of desk lamps available to the customer. The various desk lamps are usually differentiated by their unique style, finish and brand.

There are many different styles of desk lamps to choose from. Among the many styles, there are traditional lamps, casual lamps, transitional, contemporary, craftsman, Tiffany, Wrought iron, crystal, Victorian, Art Deco, Old world, children's lamps, Asian Lamps and Nautical lamps.

Desk lamps are also distinguished by their finish. Desk lamps can have brass finish, gold finish, black finish, copper finish, pewter finish, bronze finish, iron finish, nickel finish and chrome finish, among others.

There list of available brands is also endless. Prominent among these are House of Troy, Access Lighting, George Kovacs, Metropolitan, Forte Lighting, Lite Source and Quoizel Lighting.

The price range of desk lamps is huge. One can get a desk lamp for as low as $12 and for as high as $1000. The lamps which are priced lower are the ones which are more functional and are used mostly by students and teenagers. These are very popular as not only are they economical for students, but they are also of great use. The desk lamps which are priced higher, say the ones which are available for $300 or $400 are used mostly for decorative purposes. These are usually made of materials such as brass, and have a fine and expensive finish.

Lamps don't really have a fixed price range, which is why they appeal to and are popular in all economic and social sections of society.

Dec 8, 2007

How To Quickly And Easily Create A Living Room Furniture Layout

If you planning to buy new furniture for your living room, then most probably you have already thought about the furniture layout in your mind or else you have probably thought of repeating the same old layout with only the new furniture pieces. In this article I will show you a simple method to create the most efficient layout for your living room.

Before we begin there are a few points that need to be considered. A living room is always a transition space. This means that entrances to all other rooms are located in living room. Other bedrooms, dining room, kitchen etc. are accessed through living room, that's why a sufficient "circulation space" for family members is a must.

So here is what you can do to create the most efficient layout for a living room.

1) Take a plane white paper. A4 size is also enough.

2) Draw a sketch plan of your living room on this paper. While drawing this plan it is important to show the following things in it:

a) Entrance door
b) Entrance doors to other rooms
c) Window positions
d) Minor column projections (if any)
e) Swing of the doors (inside or outside the living room)
f) Presence of staircase
g) Fireplace (if any)

3) Take a pencil and draw lines starting from entrance door to all other doors and window positions. This is the natural travel lines for any person using the living room. If the room is empty without any furniture these are the lines any person would follow to reach other point in the living room.

4) Now start placing the furniture units like 3 seat sofa, single/double seat sofa, coffee table, end tables lampshades, bookshelves, TV unit, etc.. Depending upon your budget you can go for any number of these units.

While placing these units it will always be seen that the furniture obstructs the pencil travel lines drawn in the third step. But that's OK for now. Now make as may combinations and arrangements of the furniture units as possible. Think out of the box while doing this. Try to do something different.

Remember if you try you will easily come up with at lest 10 layout for that same living room. You will be amazed at how many combinations are possible. Also imagine the furniture pieces you already have or can you replace that table in the bedroom with the one in the living room.

How about keeping it vertical rather that horizontal in the plan. Whatever you do keep one thing in mind. Always keep the human movement "unobstructed". People passing through the living room in other rooms must be able to pass without cutting vision if you are talking to other person in the living room.

That's why those pencil lines have been drawn. After you have drawn the furniture pieces on the living room plan, modify the travel lines. Now these lines will be around the furniture, especially at corners. The travel lines will now take the shape of the furniture at the edges.

After this short exercise you will have probably 5 different layouts on paper with. Select the one in which you see the following points of interest.

a)Travel line lengths are shortest.
b)Travel lines do not pass trough the furniture.

Apart from the efficiency there is another factor called as visual balance while designing a furniture layout. Finally does it look good to YOU. Are you comfortable with the final layout. The visual balance is achieved by making the most use of all walls of the living room with decorating elements such as paintings, color schemes, etc.

Nov 29, 2007

Kitchen Interior Design-Picking Out The Right Appliances Is Crucial To Your Kitchen Interior Design

Many home owners today are choosing to redo their kitchen interior design. However, a factor that often gets overlooked is the dishwasher. Believe it or not, many families today still do not have a dishwasher in their kitchen, and are forced to do their dishes by hand.

The main reason these homes do not have these machines is to save money. However, often times they decide after they’ve already redone there kitchen interior design that they would like a dishwasher.

Obviously, this decision would have been best made before the project was underway. If for some reason you’ve already finished your kitchen interior design project and decide you want a dishwasher, here are some important factors to consider.

First of all, it really isn’t hard to make room for a dishwasher, even if your kitchen is already filled to the max. All that’s needed is to simply remove a kitchen cabinet or cupboard to clear enough space for the new appliance.

Before installing your new machine, however, it is very important that the style of the dishwasher matches your overall kitchen interior design. All too few homeowners consider the dishwasher when factoring in their overall design; the result is an appliance that doesn’t match or gel with the rest of the kitchen.

Dishwashers today come in black, white, silver, as well as stainless steel. Obviously, the color you choose will greatly depend on the rest of your kitchen design.

In fact, it is often helpful to take a picture of your kitchen interior design with you when shopping for a dishwasher. This way, you can immediately eyeball it and tell if it would be a good fit for the rest of your kitchen.

Dishwasher prices are generally very reasonable. You can often find a machine that matches the rest of your kitchen well and only pay $150-$200 for it.

If you do have the money, you can find some nice upscale dishwashers for upwards of $1,000. However, this is not necessary to achieve the kitchen interior design you want.

If you want to save even more money, try shopping online. Often times, you can find great deals for kitchen appliances on the internet that you would never find in your traditional brick and mortal retail store.

The most important part: shop around. Do not simply fall in love with the first appliances you see. Be patient, and find the dishwasher that’s right for you, your kitchen and your budget.

These are a few simple tips to get you on the right track to finding the dishwasher that’s right for you and your home. Choosing one of these appliances should not cost you an arm and a leg; follow this advice, and you will have a dishwasher that matches your overall kitchen interior design, and you won’t have to break the bank to afford it.

The Right Bathroom Accessories Will Make Your Bathroom Unforgetable

Bathrooms aren't just about the basics but are about the bathroom accessories! Bathrooms have become places to relax and unwind. They are not just for doing your business and leaving. People have spent time in designing a place to find peace and quiet! And the bathroom accessories that you have in there will help accomplish this!

Yes, bathrooms have toilets and bathroom sinks. Yes, there are reasons that we need these spaces in our homes beyond for the point of relaxing, but these rooms can be stylish and elegant or fun and relaxing just the same. Some might think, a toilet is a toilet. Go into any home improvement store and find the aisle of toilets. Yes, there are many to choose from. Its not just about which works the best. No, its about how the look and feel. There are lots of different options even for toilets!

Now consider the other bathroom accessories that you can customize to your liking to create the bathroom of your dreams. For instance, bathroom lighting fixtures. Bathroom light fixtures come in many options. Some may be bright and seem simple while others may be funky and fun. In different colors, shapes, styles these can add an added touch of sophistication or style. Or, maybe adding lighting that is dim and smooth as opposed to bright. This can create a great atmosphere for relaxing.

Other bathroom fixtures to think about are bathroom faucets and bathroom sinks to think about as well. In every aspect of the bathroom, you will find different styles, shapes, and colors all to help make the bathroom of your dreams. Many options can be put together to show an overall style of the bathroom. Many can carry the same theme throughout the bathroom as well. So, there are many things you can do to create a great bathroom.

Adding bathroom accessories will help you create the bathroom of your dreams. A place to come home to, to relax and find peace and quiet.

5 Things To Consider To Ensure The Right Bathroom Rug

There's more to choosing a bathroom rug than just going with a pretty color, paying and walking out the door. Or, at least there should be.

Rugs chosen for this room in particular need to be able to handle some very special circumstances. Few places in a home will test a rug's ability to stand up to a beating more. The only thing that comes close to comparing is an entryway rug.

Before grabbing the first bathroom rug that catches the eye, it's a good idea to consider these things:

* Colors and design theme of the bathroom. While not everyone really takes these into account, design conscious bathroom owners do. Make sure the rug adds to or accentuates the design chosen for the bathroom. These might look like little accent features that don't account for much when you're standing in the store, but once home, bad choices will really stand out. For example, those fantastic looking striped rugs might look good in the store, but will they really add to a bathroom that has a floral design?

* Slip-proof or resistant design. This won't matter as much in a bathroom that has carpeted floors, but on tile and vinyl it will. If the rugs being considered don't have some sort of backing them helps them grip, or it can't be added after the fact, these little devices can actually become dangerous. To prevent slippage, most bathroom rugs come with some sort of rubberized backing.

* Quality. That $7 rug might look like a great buy compared to the bathroom rug next to it that costs $30, but if the quality is a whole lot higher on the more expensive rug, the cheaper one might not be worth its price. Examine quality carefully. Things to check for include the backing, the thickness of the threads and how plush the rugs happen to be. Plush might not seem important in the store, but it will to wet feet at home.

* Washing quality. Bathroom rugs quickly become exposed to some pretty gross things. Whether it's a child's bathroom or an adult's, it's a very good idea to choose rugs that can be washed and are of the right size to toss in the machine. Spills, accidents, missed toothpaste applications and more all end up on these rugs. They should be able to ensure regular, if not frequent, washing.

* Bathroom rated. It's one thing to find a perfect rug for the hall and another entirely to locate the ideal throw for the bathroom. A good bathroom rug should be able to handle a lot of potential moisture content without falling apart. Make sure the rugs chosen can do this or it's possible they won't last long.

If the right design and quality are a concern in buying a bathroom rug, then it's likely the shopping trip will take a little longer than grabbing the first thing that catches the eye. When careful consideration goes into one of these buys, the resulting purchase should not only look good, but perform very well, too.

Bathroom Furniture to Fit Your Taste and Budget

Bathroom furniture doesn’t just have to be functional. With the massive amounts of variety that are being offered in style and pricing, bathroom furniture can be fun, fantastic, or even formal. There is a piece that fits all tastes and all budgets.

Every bathroom must have a mirror. Some of the mirrors come with hidden cabinets inside. Some of the mirrors are ornate and make a strong statement. Some of the mirrors are just simply mirrors. All of them reflect light, give the room an open feeling, and serve a functional purpose in the room.

It is just as important to have some storage in the bathroom. A vanity fits this need nicely. It is almost an iconic piece of bathroom furniture – going back to the days when it housed the basin and pitcher. You can still get a vanity that has the look and feel of the antique, or you can go with a sleeker, modern cabinet. Installing a vanity can actually be a fun project for the average DIYer, and it can save a bundle on labor costs.

Another type of storage in the bathroom furniture is a cabinet. It’s great for hiding the extra rolls of paper, cleaning supplies, or spare towels. It is another piece of furniture that can make a bold statement in the small space. Some cabinets are designed to fit over the toilet (to save room) while others are stand alone units. All of them enlarge the space by making room for storage.

Bathroom furniture today comes in marble, wood, plastic, pressboard, and even metal. There is a strong look for every taste, and a reasonable price for every budget. By utilizing the varieties that are available, you can give your bathroom a whole new look with out a lot of time or expense.

The Perfect Bathroom Scale

As people are becoming weight conscious day by day, scales have become an addition to the bathrooms. Bathroom scales that are more accurate are preferred by the health conscious people all over the world. As the markets are flooded with more varieties of bathroom scales, it has become increasingly difficult to choose one. It is believed that the weight of a person varies at different times of the day. To get a consistent reading of your body weight, measuring it early morning is suggested.

A mechanical dial scale is usually used in homes. It uses levers connected to a plate with a spring. When the weight is placed over the plate, the spring stretches and the pointer moves showing the corresponding weight.

Nowadays digital scales are becoming more prominent. Digital scales uses load cell technology that translates the weight into an electrical voltage. The results are shown on an LED or LCD display. Most of the digital bathroom scales are battery operated while some others need to be plugged in. The variations in digital bathroom scale models include a calculator to measure the Body Mass Index or the B M I and in some advanced types to measure the body fat percentage.

Of the different types of bathroom scales available, a digital bathroom scale is considered most accurate and is used widely for taking readings at home. Digital bathroom scales with large LCD monitor makes reading the numbers easier without using reading glasses. Choose a particular day of a week to weigh yourself.

Normally weight is taken after a person wakes up in the morning and after emptying urinary bladder and bowels. The human system should be free of food or water. This is the perfect time to measure your body weight more accurately. A good digital scale shows the same weight at any time of the day. Another yardstick of selecting a good digital scale is that when some object is put on it and weighed it should automatically reset to zero. However it is better to calibrate the digital scale before using it.

Some modern digital scales come with a sleek glass platform with at least four individual sensors which are located at each corner of the scale to provide atmost accuracy while reading. Most of the other scales uses only one load sensor with a mechanical leveler. Some other types of digital bathroom scales are solar digital scales and portable digital scales and scales with oversized platforms.

As digital bathroom scales are manufactured by a lot of companies, the prices have become very affordable and user friendly. Bathroom scales can also be used outside the homes. They are mainly used in gyms and clinics. Personalized digital bathroom scales give a more accurate weight measurement. Many of these scales work on a spring system. If more than one person uses the same the same scale, the springs will get more wear and tear everytime persons with different weights step on it and this will lead to change in accuracy. Now companies are marketing bathroom scales which are more sleek and stylish, so you can use it as a part of your bathroom

Bathroom Tap Tips

The right bathroom tap can make a renovation look like it cost a million while the wrong one can make it look like no renovation was even done. It’s not just a matter of design, or a matter of cost. How a person will react really comes down to just a matter of taste. There are some basic guidelines that you can follow to make your bathroom feel more luxurious without costing more.

1. Shop a company’s online store. Many companies will not only offer a larger variety of bathroom taps through their internet stores. They will often charge far less than on-sight stores because of the lower overhead involved.

2. Look at discount sites (like for a great value. These companies buy out merchandise for a huge discount and then pass the savings on to their customers.

3. Buy during the summer holidays. Many stores will offer large discounts during these times. Take advantage of the large price breaks.

4. Look for clearance items. Which ever route you choose to shop, all companies will eventually quit running a line of bathroom taps. As soon as the red clearance sign goes up on the item, take the plunge.

There are also some don’t to follow to keep your bathroom looking high end. Don’t mix and match bathroom taps. The bathtub and the sinks should all have the same feel to them. A bright brass will look out of place if the rest of the bathroom taps are nickel. All the savings in the world won’t be able to make up for this faux pas.

A bathroom tap may seem like an insignificant part of the décor, but it can make the room a sensation or a flop. A little extra money (or time) invested in picking the right tap will have a lasting result in the tone of the room.

Great Decor Tips and Guide to Creating a Larger Contemporary Bathroom Interior

The bathroom is more than just a space to cleanse ourselves. It also provides a space which we can relax in as we soak and wash away the worries of the day. For those small spaces, here are 5 great decor tips and guide to creating a larger contemporary bathroom interior:

1) Go neutral – pale and cool colors such as vanilla and pastels reflect light and can make a small room feel larger. Woodwork, trim and doors will seem more transparent if painted the same hue as the walls, allowing for a visually larger area. Better yet, keep counter tops and cabinets in the same shade for added transparency.

Try splashing the walls in light colors with an even lighter tint for the ceiling This combination will make surfaces recede from view and make the room seem larger.

To spice it up? Introduce bolder colors through accessories, towels, collectibles, artwork and even furniture. You can also add interest with a variety of textures, such as woven baskets, textured towels or floor mats. Complete the homely appeal by adding in family photos or artwork.

2) Eye tricks – Create a taller ceiling with visual tricks. Wood moldings, wallpaper borders, wood paneling and tile designs placed where the walls and ceiling meet provide a splash of color and help naturally draw the eye upward.

A single vertical stripe on the walls will make them seem taller or opt for wall paper with tiny prints for a more whimsical approach.

To spice it up? Vivid displays with mosaic tiles are all the rage now. Opt for stripes that will help elongate walls or enlarge small spaces.

3) Glass act – Glass doesn’t reproduce a space but it doesn’t obstruct it either. Make wise choices. In a small bath for instance, a clear glass shower door may prove to be a better place stretcher than a patterned shower curtain.

It is a good idea to thoroughly clean shower doors weekly to keep them from losing their crystal clear character. After all, there is nothing more unsightly than a mildew-covered, water spotted glass door.

4) Mirror finish – mirrors help to create an element of space. Mirroring the long wall of a narrow bath, for example, can change the room’s proportions and make it seem wider. Be sure to place mirrors so they reflect the bath’s assets – whether that’s a wall hanging, a panoramic view or the widest room angel.

Two mirrors placed opposite each other create the illusion of a never-ending room.

5) Clutter cutter – in a small bath, space is too precious to be taken up by clutter. Make sure counter tops are adorned with only the most necessary items and keep the rest concealed. Customize your cabinets with wire racks, boxes and shelves.

By putting your possessions in order, you make the most of the space you have.

Movable bathroom caddies make spectacular alternative storage in even the smallest bathrooms.

Choose Bathroom Flooring Wisely

While often one of the smallest rooms in the home, a bathroom can still have tremendous visual impact. And anything that you do to change the design and décor of a bathroom will significantly transform a space of that size. Bathroom flooring, more than anything else, can have a stunning effect on the overall look of a bathroom; choose bathroom flooring wisely and you will achieve the bathroom of your dreams – or a bathroom that will meet your temporary needs.

Those who purchase homes as investment properties before doing renovations and reselling the home – also referred to as “flipping” a property – find that updating a bathroom adds significantly to the value of the home. In the spirit of these updates, replacing the vanity, toilet, and bathroom flooring – along with making lighting and decorative changes - with go a long way towards transforming the space. In this instance, bathroom flooring neither has to be expensive nor complex. Neutral, affordable bathroom flooring that can be easily installed will increase the value of the home without the necessity of significant effort or financial investment.

For those who are interested in modifying the bathrooms of their own homes – or a home in which they want to stay - the choices of bathroom flooring are endless. From ceramic tile and marble to linoleum and hardwood, choosing a bathroom floor is only limited by your imagination and budget.

It is also important to look at bathroom flooring as a larger picture. While ceramic tile is beautiful to look at, it can also be unforgiving if someone should happen to fall. If you choose ceramic tile you may want to consider an area rug for when you step out of the shower. The same considerations apply to hardwood and marble. There is always the option of high-end laminate bathroom flooring that is made to resemble ceramic tile but at much lower price point and safer material.

Be mindful as well of the moisture levels in the bathroom area. Because of the water factor the bathroom has a much higher level of humidity. In smaller spaces, water can cause significant damage to bathroom flooring – so make sure that you protect your floor and choose material that will hold up to humidity levels.

Bathroom flooring can utterly transform a bathroom. Whether you are looking to update your space, define a theme, or design your dream bathroom, your choice of flooring will set the tone for your entire bathroom.

Contemporary Bathroom Lighting - Turn Your Bathroom Into A Relaxing Sanctuary

Contemporary bathroom lighting means having pieces of light fixtures that sufficiently infuses everything that the modern design calls for. When you say contemporary, it could connote a lot of things. Stunning yet simple, bold yet organized, crisp yet striking, elegant yet minimal, sophisticated yet smooth, glamorous yet sleek – all of these are what contemporary bathroom lighting is all about. Once you incorporate these qualities inside your bathroom, you will have a real design that no one could possibly ignore the real charisma it emanates.

Contemporary bathroom lighting is perfect for those seeking new ways to re-design their bathroom and turn it from a bland, boring, and outrageously simple, lacking all spiced-up look into perfectly modernized feel. Those traditional bathroom designs don't really have something wrong with them, but it just feels right and relaxed whenever you are inside a bathroom full of exciting details to boot.

Reports said that Americans spend 25 to 30% of their life inside the bathrooms. Since it is a big chunk of your time you provide inside the bathroom, why not make your bathroom the best place to stay at? In the early days, seldom would people give time to provide bathrooms the needed boost in terms of its physical essence. But now, it is different story. You should be like one of those more and more number of people vying to create a bathroom where they can really spend their best times with.

The contemporary bathroom lighting is one good way to start at. Infusing it together with those chrome knobs, glass doors and windows, and tile or marble floors will give the real boost your bathroom needs. Bathroom lighting fixtures are available in wide array in different local stores and dealers. You can also order them through the internet, where many online home improvement stores are available and offering wide choices of contemporary bathroom lighting pieces.

Wide light fixture design with looped metal plus frosted glass, elegant nickel wall sconces, sequence collection nickel light fixture, bar light fixture, brushed steel light fixture, wide checkered light fixture, satin steel light fixture, wide wall or ceiling light fixture, bronze and alabaster glass wall sconce are some of the best choices of contemporary bathroom lightings available in the market. Aside from these, there are endless types and designs that you can find in many stores. You can take time to search through all these availabilities.

Key Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

One of the simplest ways to start planning your bathroom remodeling is to tour other bathrooms to get bathroom remodeling ideas. Pay attention to what you like and don't like. Scoop out friends' bathrooms when you visit, tour houses for sale, check out design magazines, and cruise the Internet for inspiration. Ask yourself questions to generate your own bathroom remodeling ideas.

Do you want a soothing bathroom for relaxation or a practical, functional bathroom for busy mornings? If relaxation is your goal, try separating the space into areas to pamper you. Have soft lighting near your tub, a cozy dressing area with plenty of space to try on outfits, and a bench in between two vanities so you can sit while getting ready. If you want a more utilitarian space, use different types of storage to keep everything in its place and at arm's reach. Use simple, elegant containers to group your supplies. Keep hair care tools in one area, shower supplies in another. Pay attention to how you get ready in the morning and design your bathroom remodeling about how you operate. For a clean look, line the storage containers flush with the wall.

If you share the bathroom in the mornings, add special features to help control the space. If you put your makeup on over the bathroom sink, add a separate sink and mirror for you to put on your make-up while your partner brushes his or her teeth at the other sink with no bumping into each other.

Also avoid recessed lights. These lights may set the right mood, but they will put your mirror in shadows. You want clear, bright light for applying makeup or shaving.

Put the shower and toilet in a separate area so one person can groom while the other bathes. Alternatively, move the prep center into the bathroom. It will free bathroom space and cost a fraction of a bathroom remodel.

If space is at a premium, then storage is your answer. Build up with cabinets -- even kitchen cabinets -- or shelves. Put the things you use all the time at eyelevel, and the extra towels above. Put your things in their place with different, stylish storage containers either on shelves or on the ground. In a small room, make sure to keep only the things you actually need. Useless clutter will make the bathroom seem smaller.

Mount cabinets to the wall so that they open up floor space. Use a sliding pocket door to tuck your bathroom door away. Keeping your color scheme neutral will quiet the space. Use different shades of the same color all over the bathroom, and use brighter colors and accents. Also use different textures like wooden baskets, smooth tile, and soft towels to add interest, and mirrors to stretch the space.

If the bathroom is dark, don't be afraid to add windows or skylights to brighten the space. But don't block the windows with fancy curtains. Keep the windows simple to keep a small bathroom neat and bright.

Don't limit yourself to only fixtures in the bathroom section. Check out cabinets, faucets, and tiles for the kitchen or outdoors. You never know what bathroom remodeling ideas will inspire you.

Remodeling Small Bathrooms Finding The Right Bathroom Contractor

One of the hardest things to do when remodeling small bathrooms is to find a good contractor or team of contractors to do the work for you. It's also the part of the project that tends to get overlooked when you are planning your new bathroom design. It pays to start thinking about who you are going to get to do your bathroom makeover at the same time as you are researching and planning your new bathroom design because this part of your project may take longer than you think it will.

What to look for in a bathroom remodeling contractor

Now you don't want just anyone working on your dream bathroom so you need to think about the qualities that you will be looking for in your bathroom contractors. Some of the things you should be considering are:

* Reliability - Will they turn up when they say they will and will they stick to the project timetable?
* Good at their job - The quality of your new bathroom will be as good as the workers that create it a high level of skill should be expected.
* No rogues - You don't want anyone that's likely to run off with your money.
* Reputation - This allows you to determine all of the above qualities.

Never buy anything from a door to door salesperson

The number one rule to help you to avoid being ripped off is never ever buy anything from someone who knocks on your door out of the blue. Personally I never buy anything from someone that cold calls me on the phone either. If you get called on like this and you are in the process of looking for good contractors then politely ask the callers to leave you with their details and you will research their company when you have the time.

The rogue traders will vanish when you do this because they will have no legitimate details to give you. Should the company turn out to be reputable then you can add them to your list for consideration along with all the rest.

Investigate the reputation of your bathroom contractor candidates

Personal recommendation is the best way to determine the reputation of anyone selling his or her services in the home improvement market. If you have a friend that has just had their bathroom renovated then go and take a good look. Find out how pleased they are with the job and with the contractors that worked on it. Bear in mind the points above especially how reliable and how skilled the bathroom contractor was at the job when your quiz your friend.

You'll soon find out if this bathroom contractor is a rogue and you can quickly cross them off your list but if the job looks good and your friend is happy then make a note and add the contractor to your 'possible' list.

Ask for references of similar small bathroom remodeling projects

Another powerful technique to weed out the rogues from the quality bathroom contractors is to ask for references. Ask them to give you contact information for 2 or 3 past customers and follow them up. Give the contacts a call and try to arrange to go and view the work. Most people are quite happy to let you do this because they know first hand just how difficult it is to find the right people.

When you visit the reference customers take them a small gift of chocolates, flowers or a bottle of wine to say thank you for letting you see their pride and joy bathroom. This breaks the ice and makes people feel more like opening up to you. Make the most of the information that you gain by doing this.

As a general rule a bathroom contractor won't provide a reference unless they know that it's going to be a good one so if they do give you their customer contacts it's a good indication that they are proud of their work. Make sure that you get more than one reference to make sure that they their work is consistent.

When I selected the contractor to remodel my own very small bathroom using the above techniques I was fortunate enough to find someone who was capable of doing the whole job from start to finish all by himself. People like him are rare but they live by their reputation so he was only too willing to provide me with a string of clients to go and see. This project went very well for me. There is more information about multi-skilled contractors in the article Small Bathroom remodeling - One Stop Contractors

A Guide To Modern Bathroom Ideas

From sleek wall-hung bathroom furniture and spa baths to colour therapy lighting and sound systems, there's more choice than ever before when designing a bathroom. For this reason, it's a good idea to involve the professionals. If you're planning a bathroom from scratch, or you are going to reconfigure the plumbing and drainage of the existing room, then it's best to employ a designer as there will be structural and practical considerations, especially if you want a wet room. Specialist bathroom showrooms, such as Original Bathrooms, Ripples and CP Hart, provide designers and can organise installation too.

The DIY stores, such as B&Q and Wickes, can offer in-store planning, but advice is generally limited to the layout of basic elements, rather than providing solutions to problems. When buying for your bathroom, take along a plan of the room, with the existing fittings marked, and make sure you know the location and type of water-heating system you have, so that the shop can help you choose the most appropriate fittings.

The latest basins are wide, shallow designs, sometimes even irregular in shape. These can be inserted into a slab-type work surface, wall-mounted with shelves and towel storage below, or installed as part of a basin unit. Conversely, deeper, rounder shapes set into slab worktops are also popular. Teamed with dark wood or lacquered white cabinets, shiny chrome taps and matching accessories, they can add a witty touch to an otherwise understated bathroom.

Baths are usually the focal point of a bathroom, and there is a huge choice. Modern roll-top styles, often mounted in a cradle or on blocks, are designed to sit in the centre of a large room, while non-freestanding designs will need to be set into a surround finished with tiles or timber. New materials for baths include stone, cast-stone composites and even wood. For a larger bath, check that your hot-water system has the extra capacity needed. You should think carefully before opting for a shower instead of a bath, as it may decrease the re-sale value of your property.

Modern fitted bathroom furniture is often in dark wood, such as ebony, mahogany or wenge, which contrast well with white sanitaryware and chrome or stainless-steel bathroom fittings.

Where walls and flooring are concerned, there's still a strong trend for tiles, with limestone or porcelain lookalike tiles very popular. To avoid a bland look you can add bands of colour to break up plain tiles. Fully tiled walls tend to suffer from condensation unless the room is well heated. To solve the problem make sure your room has adequate ventilation; a heated towel rail and underfloor heating will also help. You can update your bathroom simply by swapping an outdated pedestal basin for a chic modern one with an integral stand.

If your bath and basin are understated, then bold, angular brassware will create several focal points. Many ranges have satin and matt finishes, sometimes in nickel, which will provide a softer look. The trend is for taps to be arched and graceful and showerheads as large as possible, especially in a wet room, to give you a good drenching. Remember that hard water causes shiny brassware to mark and dull quite badly, and be prepared to dry and buff the taps regularly. Take advice when choosing brassware, too, as products vary in suitability for high- or low-pressure water heating systems.

Wet Rooms and Steam Cabinets
The most desirable types of showers around at the moment are wet rooms. If you wish to use the whole bathroom, then it has to be lined with a waterproof membrane, which usually costs at least £2,000. Do take professional advice, as there are many points to consider, from the capacity of the drainage system to the rate of water flow and recovery. You could opt for a semi-wet room, or a walk-in shower; this will be spacious but with fewer technical considerations. Semi-wet rooms still involve extensive waterproofing of part of the room, while glass panels are used to screen off the rest of the room and contain the spray. Walk-in shower enclosures consist of a tray and side/front panels, but are without a fully closing door - the walk-in area serves as a drying-off space. The latest have frameless glass panels and recessed trays to create a wet-room look.

If a wet room is not for you, and you have the budget and the space, you could create a spa-like bathroom with a steam cabinet. Fully enclosed with a roof, these contain a steam generator and usually a seat. Chromatherapy (colour therapy) is also included in some models. If the bathroom doesn't have the space for a separate shower, look at the range of over-bath showers/steam cabinets from Jacuzzi - some models offer whirlpool bath options as well.

Ceiling-mounted shower fittings, along with body jets, are de rigueur in a wet room. If you want to install a new shower into an existing enclosure, or over the bath, consider a shower panel, such as one from Triton, which includes a fixed showerhead plus a hand-held spray and various body jets. Aqualisa offers remote-controlled showers, which can be switched on before entering the enclosure; the Grohe Wireless shower can be switched on or off from any room in the house.

Guide To Make Your Bath Truly Luxurious

Whether you are buying a new home, moving into a new place, or just looking to spice things up in your current home, you may be looking for new and exciting bathroom decorating ideas. Inspiration for a new look or fresh design is probably closer than you may think.

For renters, you are somewhat limited in what you can do. You probably need your landlord to grant you permission to do anything too extreme to your apartment or house. You can still find some simple bathroom decorating designs that are fun and interesting. Inspiration for bathroom decorating ideas can come from the simplest of places. Look through a few home magazines or center design magazines for ideas. You may be hit by a particular color or combination of colors. The rest will come to you as you shop.

For a fresh look to an old bathroom, homeowners have wider options and your bathroom decorating ideas can be bigger and broader if you want a radical change. Along with home magazines, take a trip to local home improvement stores to browse through the displays. You may find that a particular fixture or item will grab your eye and spark all sorts of ideas.

For those building a home from the ground up, your bathroom decorating ideas are unlimited. You have a blank picture to work with, and you can make your bathroom as stylish or as simple as you wish. Let your personal taste say your decorating ideas. One great starting point for bathroom decorating ideas is finding the perfect tile. Tiles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Chances are, you will find something you will fall in love with, and you can build your bathroom around that particular tile.

If you have a rather large bathroom, you have room to add touches that cannot be found in smaller bathrooms. Find a piece of furniture, such as a stand or towel rack that you simply love, and your bathroom decorating ideas can form around that piece. Craft stores are another inspiration spot. Many craft stores have ready made flower displays. You don’t have to buy one, just look for one with a mix of colors that is enormously pleasing to your eye. Some colors look amazing together, but you may never realize it until you see them side by side.

For other bathroom decorating ideas, draw from friends and family. If someone you know has a bathroom you have fallen in love with, there is nothing wrong with you using that room as inspiration. You may not want to copy the look entirely, but you can use it to build on your own ideas.

Bathroom Design Ideas To Help You Transform Your Bathroom

There are numerous bathroom design ideas out there. No matter whether you've got a luxurious family sized bathroom or a small but functional space, whether you have the money to completely redesign your bathroom or are aiming to rejuvenate your bathroom on a shoestring budget, there are lots of practical things you can do. When you think about it, we all spend a fair amount of time in our bathrooms everyday, so putting some thought into your bathroom's design can help you create a welcoming yet practical space.

A good way to bring a touch of style to a tired looking bathroom is to add an attractive piece of furniture, such as sink vanity or a new wall cabinet. These things are relatively straightforward to fit or replace, and can help give your bathroom a fresh new image without the expense and hassle of replacing all your fixtures and fittings. Bathroom vanities and cabinets come in a range of beautiful designs, including antique effect, country style and contemporary, and can be used to great effect to influence the character of your bathroom.

If you want to give your bathroom a makeover without blowing your budget, there are a number of things you could consider. For example, you may be surprised at the difference new faucets on your sink and tub can make. Shiny new faucets in a stylish design can instantly improve a bathroom's appearance, without the need to install a whole new bathroom suite. Another way to cut costs when remodeling, is to just replace your bathtub, leaving the sink and toilet in place. Bathtubs take up the most space in our bathrooms, and a well-chosen tub can become an attractive central feature of your bathroom's design.

If you like the luxury of a long soak in the tub but you have a very small bathroom you could make the most of limited space by installing a corner bath. You could further enhance this by adding an overbath shower. In larger bathrooms that are shared by a couple or a family, it can make practical sense to add a double sink, which can also look very grand and elegant. Other ways to make a bathroom more aesthetically pleasing include hanging a fresh new shower curtain, replacing outdated tiles with nice new ones, and making good use of mirrors and lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Nov 22, 2007

Ideas for a Beautiful Bathroom

When decorating a home, the bathroom is often done last, and sometimes is overlooked completely. When you consider that the main bathroom is very likely to be seen by most of your guests, it makes sense to put the same time and effort into decorating it as you do the other rooms in your home.

Because the typical bathroom is much smaller than other rooms, it presents a special set of challenges when it comes to decorating. With some planning, though, your bathroom can look just as beautiful as every other room in your home. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Theme decorated rooms aren't for everyone. Some who would never use a theme in any other space will do so in the bathroom. Because the room is small, you're less likely to overdo the theme as you might in a larger room. Some theme ideas: beach house, the ocean, lighthouses, jungle, there is no limit to the possibilities.

Some people are completely turned off by the thought of themed decorating. That may be because they think it means going crazy with the theme and covering every available surface with reminders of that theme. Instead, remember that theme decorating doesn't have to (and ideally doesn't) mean you hang photos of lighthouses everywhere. The theme can be incorporated as much or as little as you choose.

For example, if you choose a beach theme, you may choose colors that remind you of the beach such as sand colored tile for the floor and blue paint for the walls. For accessories, place some shells in glass jars. Then, if you want to further incorporate your theme, you can add beach photos or prints and other nautical themed accessories. The key is to have fun with it, and remember that theme decorating can be as elegant or as over-the-top as you choose.

Mirrors in a bathroom. No surprise there, but a decorating option that is often overlooked for a bathroom is adding extra mirrors besides the one that is hanging over the sink. Hanging a decorative mirror in a bathroom can add elegance and help to make a small room look larger. Of course, it may also come in handy when there is more than one person trying to get ready in the morning. Even if your bathroom is already large, a decorative mirror can become a focal point and help to ground all of your other decorative elements.

Metal Wall Hanging
If you'd rather not add another mirror to your bathroom, another option could be a well-placed metal wall hanging. Naturally, this will not work in every situation, but if you are trying to create a bathroom that exudes simple elegance; a metal wall hanging would be a great option. Because these hangings are available in so many sizes and shapes, it's easy to find one to fit the awkward walls that are sometimes present in a bathroom.

Obviously, choosing the correct paint color can make or break your attempt at decorating. But when painting a bathroom, the type of paint is even more important than the color. Because the bathroom paint must be able to withstand high humidity during those extra long showers, you will want to choose a paint that can stand up to such conditions. That means choosing a high gloss finish. This finish is washable and can stand up to humidity without peeling. You should also use a good primer before applying your paint. This will help your paint last longer and will discourage peeling and sagging.

Lighting is one of the most important decorative choices you will make in any room, and the bathroom is no exception. While you want the lighting to be beautiful, it also needs to be functional, especially in a room where hair is fussed over and makeup is applied. If there is a lighting feature that you cannot resist, but it provides insufficient light, consider adding recessed lighting. A little off the subject, but still related: Adding hanging candle holders can help create a relaxing atmosphere and add "mood" lighting whenever you want it.

Hopefully, these ideas and tips have inspired to tackle the task of decorating your bathroom. Whether you choose to create an elegant retreat or a whimsical room, careful planning will help you design a room that you will enjoy for years to come.

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