Oct 12, 2007

Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Nine Budget Bathroom Decorating Ideas Many people avoid renovating their bathroom as it may a messy job that requires some specialized skills. But if you simply want to make your bathroom more beautiful, here are 9 easy bathroom decorating ideas that you can do yourself without getting into a messy and expensive remodeling job.
1. Lighting. Is your bathroom lighting modernized
Though this bathroom decorating idea might call for an electrician, it can be a great way to give your bathroom a bright new look. Even just a new set of lights over the vanity can often make a big difference.
Remember to accessorize your bathroom with decorative toothbrush holders, soap dishes and even miniature soaps. Accessories pull the room together.
3. De-clutter
This bathroom decorating idea is inexpensive but usually provides a huge difference - just clean out all that stuff piled up on the vanity and you will see an immediate improvement in how your bathroom looks. Use this opportunity to add more decoration to the room design by adding decorative boxes to hide all that junk inside of.
4. Shower Curtain
You most likely change your shower curtain every so often, but do you truly put thought into what you are purchasing
This time why not shop for a curtain that is that is a little more pricey but that will get a great look
Complete the interior decorating scheme with matching accessories
5. Plants
Plants soften up the aesthetics of your room design. If you don’t bring in adequate light in there to allow for thriving plant life, think about making use of a few silk plants, purchase costly ones, though because this is one thing where quality provides a large difference.
Who wouldn't seek to gaze at framed art in the powder room
Beautiful art adds to any room, even the bathroom.
This is quite easily the least costly path which will alter the decor of the room the most. You might be able to paint the bathroom in a day and discover a fresh new look! Take some time locating the shades of paint so you have exactly the style you have envisioned. If you already own a shower curtain that you adore, use a color in the existing decor to match the wall paint to.
Modern mats and rugs that match with your interior decorating scheme can help pull the room together
Towels belogn in the bathroom, so why not make them fit as a piece of the interior decorating scheme
Try to pick out decorative towels which match your colors and curtains, accessories and rugs and display them in containers around the space.


Home Decorating said...

Your main goal should be to make your room or home as comfortable and attractive to your taste as you can. The creation of theme groups of art images is a great way to decorate your walls and your home decorating. These theme groups can be done with any combination of sizes and subjects as long as they match or contrast nicely with your wall and environment colors. .

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Cabinets and countertops offer the much-needed storage space in the bathroom to store your toiletries, keep medicines and first-aid box, cleaning milk, moisturizer and deodorants, towels and napkins besides other things that you use daily while showering in your bath. They are powerful accents to your bath d├ęcor and help you to define the tone and style of the bathroom wall cabinets and make the best use of the wall and floor surface of the area. .

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