Feb 23, 2008

The Rotate Command

Toolbar Modify Rotate
Pull-down ModifyRotate
Keyboard ROTATE short-cut RO

The Rotate command allows an object or objects to be rotated about a point selected by the user. AutoCAD prompts for a second rotation point or an angle which can be typed at the keyboard.

Command Sequence

Command: ROTATE
Current positive angle in UCS: ANGDIR=counterclockwise ANGBASE=0
Select objects: (pick object to rotate, P1)
Select objects: Return(to end selection)
Specify base point: (pick base point, P2)
Specify rotation angle or [Reference]: (pick second point, P3 or enter angle)

Remember, by default, AutoCAD angles start at 3 o'clock and increase in an anti-clockwise direction. The "ANGDIR" and "ANGBASE" variables remind you of this. If you want to rotate in a clockwise direction you can enter a negative angle by using a minus sign.

You can change the angle direction and the base angle using the Units command, FormatUnits… from the pull-down menu. Click the "Clockwise" check box to change the direction and click the "Direction…" button to set the base angle.

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