Feb 5, 2008

The Copy Command

Toolbar Modify
Pull-down Modify => Copy
Keyboard COPY short-cut CP

The Copy command can be used to create one or more duplicates of any drawing object or objects which you have previously created. Copy is a very useful and time-saving command because you can create very complex drawing elements and then simply copy them as many times as you like.

Command Sequence

Command: COPY
Select objects: (pick object to copy, P1)
Select objects: <-! (to end selection) Specify base point or displacement, or [Multiple]: (pick P2 or M for multiple copies) Specify second point of displacement or : (pick P3)

The multiple option allows you to create additional copies of the selected object(s) by picking as many new points as you like. To end a multiple copy, just hit the <-! key.

Notice that the "Base point", P2 and the "Second point", P3 do not have to be picked on or near the object. The two points are simply used to indicate the distance and direction of the copied object from the original object.

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