Mar 29, 2008

The Drawing Grid

Status Bar Grid(right-click for settings)Pull-down None
Keyboard GRID or F7

The drawing grid is a regular pattern of dots displayed on the screen which acts as a visual aid, it is the equivalent of having a sheet of graph paper behind your drawing on a drawing board. You can control the grid spacing, so it can give you a general idea about the size of drawn objects. It can also be used to define the extent of your drawing. See, Setting Grid Limits, for more details.

Command Sequence
Command: GRID
Specify grid spacing(X) or [ON/OFF/Snap/Aspect] <10.000>: (enter grid spacing)

Grid spacing set to
10 drawing units

Grid spacing set to
5 drawing units

Although you can use the command line to control the visibility of the grid by using the "ON" and "OFF" options this is more easily achieved using the F7 key or, better still, by clicking the GRID button on the status bar. However, the command line does offer some additional options. The Snap option allows you to automatically set the grid spacing to the current snap spacing. You can also change the aspect ration of the grid. By default, the X and Y spacing of the Grid are the same, resulting in a regular square matrix of grid points. But you can display a grid with different X and Y spacing by using the "Aspect" option.

Grid mode and X/Y spacing can also be set using the Drafting Settings dialogue box. You can access grid settings by right-clicking the Grid button on the status bar and selecting Settings… from the menu. You can also do this from the pull-down menu, ToolsDrafting Settings… and click on the "Snap and Grid" tab.

You may have noticed that the grid does not extend infinitely in all directions. In fact, it is only displayed within a finite rectangle. You can control the extent of the visible grid using Drawing Limits.

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