Feb 21, 2008

The Offset Command

The Offset Command

Toolbar Modify
Pull-down ModifyOffset
Keyboard OFFSET short-cut O

Offset is probably one of the most useful commands for constructing drawings. The Offset command creates a new object parallel to or concentric with a selected object. The new object is drawn at a user defined distance (the offset) from the original and in a direction chosen by the user with a pick point. You can offset lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, 2D polylines, xlines, rays and planar splines.

Command Sequence

Command: OFFSET
Specify offset distance or [Through] <1.0000>: 10 (specify distance)
Select object to offset or : (select object, P1)
Specify point on side to offset: (pick direction, P2)
Select object to offset or : Return (to end or select another object to offset)

In the illustration below, a line (cyan) has been offset to the right through a distance "Offset" by picking a point to the right of the original line. The result is a new line (red) to the right of the original.
Circles can be offset inside or outside of themselves to create a new circle which is concentric (has the same centre point) with the original circle. In the illustration, a new circle (red) has been created outside of the original by picking a point outside of the original circle. The radius of the new circle is the offset distance "Offset" plus the radius of the original circle.

In the illustration above, the new objects and original objects are shown in different colours for clarity. In reality, offset objects inherit their object properties from the original object

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