Jan 14, 2008

Creating 3D Doors and Windows with Solids Modeling Tools

In this lesson you learn how to create 3D doors and windows from elevations. These solid modeling techniques can be used to create walls from elevations as well.

You will find the techniques demonstrated in this project extremely useful if you need to be able to create 3D models for rendering in AutoCAD, Autodesk VIZ or 3DS MAX.

Topics covered in this project include:

  • Converting Elevation Geometry into 3D Solid Geometry
  • Creating 3D Blocks
  • Defining User Coordinate Systems with the UCS Command
  • Inserting 3D Blocks into Wall Gaps
By the time you complete this project you should have the skills you need to turn any elevation into a 3D component, and to place that component at any orientation in a 3D drawing.

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