Mar 29, 2008

Setting Grid Limits

Toolbar None
Pull-down FormatDrawing Limits
Keyboard LIMITS

Drawing Limits is used to define the extent of the grid display and to toggle Limits mode which can be used to define the extent of your drawing. The grid is displayed within a rectangle defined by two pick points or co-ordinates.

Command Sequence
Command: LIMITS
Reset Model space limits:

Specify lower left corner or [ON/OFF] <0.0000,0.0000>:
(pick point, enter co-ordinates or Return to accept the default value)
Specify upper right corner <420.0000,297.0000>:
(pick point, enter co-ordinates or Return to accept the default value)

Drawing Limits can also be used to turn Limits mode on or off. Limits mode can be used to control where objects can and cannot be drawn. Limits is turned off by default which means that there is no restriction as to where points can be picked and objects drawn. When Limits is on, AutoCAD will not allow points to be picked or co-ordinates entered at the command line which fall outside of the specified drawing limits. If you try to pick a point outside the drawing limits when Limits mode is turned on, AutoCAD reports to the command line:

**Outside limits

Limits mode is useful if you know the extent of your plotted drawing sheet and you want to prevent objects being drawn outside of this area. However, Drawing Limits is most commonly used simply to control the extent of the Grid.

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