Feb 10, 2009

Why Scale Matters


Floor plans must accurately depict the sizes of real-world objects—buildings, furniture, appliances—in relation to each other.

This requires scaling down the dimensions of all the objects by a common proportion, known as the floor plan's scale.

Scales are usually specified as a ratio, like 1:4. The first number represents units of measurement on the floor plan and the second number represents the equivalent measurement in the real world.

A scale commonly used on floor plans is 1": 48" or 1": 4'. This means that one inch on paper equals 48 inches or 4 feet in real life. This scale is also called the quarter-inch scale (1/4" : 1 foot).


SmartDraw's built-in standard floor plan SmartTemplates are set to the quarter-inch scale by default (metric templates are set to a 1 cm : 0.5 m scale). If you want to change the scale, go to thePage tab and choose Scale from theRulers & Grid group.

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