Feb 9, 2009

Drawing with a Floor Plan Template

Drawing with a Floor Plan Template

Floor Plans

In order to make drawing floor plans as easy as possible, SmartDraw comes with hundreds of SmartTemplates you can use as a starting point. Just pick the type of floor plan you want to draw and choose the appropriate template.


SmartDraw's SmartTemplates are not really "blank". They open with all the correct settings to make drawing as quick as possible including docked libraries, a drawing specific SmartPanel with all the key shortcuts to making a perfect diagram, and SmartHelp with step-by-step by instructions.


Using the Floor Plan SmartPanel and SmartHelp

To help simplify the process of making a complex floor plan, all the floor plan templates in SmartDraw will open with a diagram-specific SmartPanel to the left of the Work Area.

The SmartPanel condenses drawing your floor plan into a few easy steps that walk you through whatever you need to create with SmartDraw. If you need more help, you can reference the attached SmartHelp for more instruction.

You can go from a blank page to a completed diagram in just minutes—just follow the instructions on the panel!


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