Oct 12, 2007

Home Decorating Ideas

If you are thinking of decorating your home, then you can follow this simple formula to quickly come up with ideas that can make a difference in your home decorating or even redecorating.
What you will have to do is start with one component of your home at a time. What exactly are home components
Very easy, break your entire decorating task into:
Now create a list of these 5 things priority wise. This can be as per your schedule of decorating. You can also assign a whole week to just decorating wall ideas and when you have done move on to another item in the list.
Such type of breaking down will help you to concentrate on almost all aspect of home decorating easily. Since you will be assigning a timeframe, the final output will also have quite details in it.
For example if in the first week you want to tackle the walls section, you can come up with may be 10 alternatives to wall decorating like

*Tile Cladding
*textured Plaster
*Repainting only selected walls
*Wall hangings
*Wall paintings
_______________and much more..
With these at your hand you can then mark down the budget required and kind of "theme" you want to go for.
Every home component above will have their own "treatments". Such as doors and windows if made of wooden will have polishing and painting or replacing hinges or even completely replacing pivot type to sliding type windows. When you think about this before starting your work, you will have a very clear idea of the budget and that will speed up the home decorating process.
Breaking down the home decorating components will help your brain to think about one piece at a time and will have clear and unique ideas quickly. I urge you to give this method a try and see the difference for yourself.

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