Nov 4, 2008

The Color Yellow

The Color Yellow

Color is vital element for interior decoration in your home. Without it our house would be dull, and so would our lives. We use color to empower us, to cheer us up, to raise emotions, to color our world and personalise it.

There are many meanings for the color yellow, the most obvious ones being sunny, warm and radiant.

We use yellow more than we know it, cream is yellow, it is yellow tinted with white. Cream is an extremely popular color as it is warm but not overpowering, it is more friendly than stark white and we use it in every room and a lot outside the house too.

I used to do a lot of design work for office fitouts and I used yellow frequently. It is an innovative color and sharpens the memory, perfect for the office environment. 

Gold is yellow, rich and luxurious, a perfect accessory as seen here in this tieback tassel. 

1 comment:

THAi said...

Wao...really good ideas... I never think of this. Normally I woudn't choose yellow...I prefer other color such as white, silver and others.


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