Sep 25, 2008

How to Create a Color Scheme

Where to Start?

It is important when planning the scheme of a new house to look at the positioning on the site. Work out which rooms will have a lot of sunlight and which will not. If a room is on the cool side of the house use warmer colors, and vice versa. Select one thing that will be constant throughout the entire scheme so that it will flow through the house.

For example the same paint color for all the doors and skirting boards. Visualise from the plans the spaces in 3 dimensions and work out what you will be able to see from each room, and then ensure the colors that you select are pleasing on the eye when viewed simultaneously.

Defining separate areas with a change in flooring If you want to define separate spaces, a change in floor finish works well. For example, solid timber floor in the kitchen area and dining room, (a large rug under the table and chairs will define that space as separate) moving onto carpet for the living area. Remember to consider all the elements of a room and not rely on one fantastic piece to express all. Creating visual balance and harmony is the most important thing. In general all other areas of selection are similar to those described in the renovation explanation to follow.

When renovating and redecorating existing spaces, it is not often possible to alter the flooring, so the best advice then is to choose something inspiring that you have to start your color scheme from. It could be an antique chest, a Chinese ceramic, a Turkish rug, a favorite chair or painting. Then use this item as your base to start selecting your color scheme.

it may sound daunting but as with any large task, if you break it down into small steps and successfully complete each – the whole task will come together.
The more frequently you practice these tasks, the easier it becomes until before you know it, you are achieving even bigger tasks.

Here is a methodical way of selecting color schemes, once you have taken the client brief.
(Client Brief: this is the client’s expectations or desired outcome. It is what they want to achieve, what they like and dislike, how they live and their family situation. It also encompasses a basic explanation of their existing items to be used and incorporated into the scheme.)

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