Aug 5, 2008

Trip Table by Govsa Composites

Trip Table by Govsa Composites

Trip table does not promise to be a space saver, storage-combined or multipurpose desk, but yes, it stands aside as an iconic furniture with unparalleled structure. This Turkish masterpiece is designed by Pinar Yar and Tugrul Govsa of Govsa Composite. It’s a total breakaway from the contemporary designs which become heavy and box-pattern in order to merge number of shelves and drawers. Trip table is very light yet strong and durable for being made with the thinner walls filled with polyurethane. Unusual shape with a big whole in the middle seems like being inspired by the cave structure. Moreover that dazzling blood red finish is just like icing on the cake. Use it as a coffee table or let it hold your bedside lamp to reflect a marvelous sight to enjoy.

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