Dec 20, 2007

Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are perhaps, the most popular kind of lamps. These are widely used all over the world in homes, offices and anywhere else where a lot of desk work is to be done, such as libraries. The kind of desk lamps differs as per the purpose and place for which they are intended. For example, generally, student lamps are small and compact in nature, whereas lamps meant for executive usage are larger and made of materials such as brass and copper. There is a wide variety of desk lamps available to the customer. The various desk lamps are usually differentiated by their unique style, finish and brand.

There are many different styles of desk lamps to choose from. Among the many styles, there are traditional lamps, casual lamps, transitional, contemporary, craftsman, Tiffany, Wrought iron, crystal, Victorian, Art Deco, Old world, children's lamps, Asian Lamps and Nautical lamps.

Desk lamps are also distinguished by their finish. Desk lamps can have brass finish, gold finish, black finish, copper finish, pewter finish, bronze finish, iron finish, nickel finish and chrome finish, among others.

There list of available brands is also endless. Prominent among these are House of Troy, Access Lighting, George Kovacs, Metropolitan, Forte Lighting, Lite Source and Quoizel Lighting.

The price range of desk lamps is huge. One can get a desk lamp for as low as $12 and for as high as $1000. The lamps which are priced lower are the ones which are more functional and are used mostly by students and teenagers. These are very popular as not only are they economical for students, but they are also of great use. The desk lamps which are priced higher, say the ones which are available for $300 or $400 are used mostly for decorative purposes. These are usually made of materials such as brass, and have a fine and expensive finish.

Lamps don't really have a fixed price range, which is why they appeal to and are popular in all economic and social sections of society.

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